Golden Reunion Event Redesign

Arizona State University Alumni Association's signtaure event celebrating grads on their 50th anniversary of graduation

The Golden Reunion is a tradition and signature event at Arizona State University in which graduates are brought back to campus to celebrate the 50th annivesary of their college graduation. The event is not only nostalgic for the returning grads, but it also gives them a chance to see how much has changed at their alma mater. The grads visit old and new buildings on campus with tours over the course of a couple of days. The highlight of the event is in their participation at undergraduate commencement with VIP seating and recognition at the front of the stage. The event culminates in a passing of the torch ceremony — the Golden Circle — with a symbolic candle lighting around the fountain at Old Main on Tempe campus.

Because nostalgia is such a big factor in swaying grads to return for this momentous event, the design leans heavily on photography sourced from yearbooks of those grads' era. Additionally, this year, grads that expressed initial intrest to a save the date postcard received a personalized mailer with their name and yearbook photo on the cover of the self-mailer. For the wider audience, a generic photo was selected.


The mark for this annual event was purposefully designed independent of a year attached to it making it evergreen. Messaging calling out the class is a text treatment throughout the marketing and event materials that is easy to update year over year. Further, the mark was designed as a system for other milestone celebrations with the number in the center of the badge easily updatable to other digits. The shape of the badge is borrowed from the gonfalon — a banner that is used in commencement ceremonies.

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