2017 WorldatWork Education Catalog

Project Management / Layout / Long Document Production

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The WorldatWork Education Catalog is a professional development education course catalog for those in the HR field. This catalog is produced annually and presents all of the courses, certifications and special events from WorldatWork.

I took on the project management, development and production of two subsequent years of the WorldatWork Education Catalog (2016 and 2017). Though this project had been managed by the marketing department in the past, I was given a greater role with the project, managing everything from the production schedule, working with internal customers and outside vendors as well as creating the design and layout of the piece. I utilized an agile workflow and kept all stakeholders involved through JIRA, harnessing the powerful tool to keep everyone in sync on the project, meeting deadlines and working collaboratively. As a result, the project finished ahead of schedule and under budget in 2017, and finished successfully and on-budget in 2016.

The cover art was from the look of the larger education campaign for the year, created by another in-house designer. Building on the cover graphic, I carried the geometric look throughout the catalog. The specifications of the 2017 catalog differed slightly from the previous year. Looking to reduce the page count and improve the flow of the catalog, I reduced the size to an 8x10, which solved for some layout issues from previous years. I further worked with content creators to reduce the copy to a consistent length for all courses, which helped to streamline the look of the catalog and also helped to reduce page counts.

The piece was printed with 65lb matte cover stock and interior pages were 60lb offset text. An offset sheet was chosen for the look of the stock and for the additional feature of being easy to write on for customers. The 50 page catalog was mailed to over 40,000 customers.

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